The Art of the Differentiated Curriculum

While children are aware how their interests, talents, abilities, language and homes make them different from each other in the class, their teacher often seems oblivious to this as she goes about treating and teaching them the same! This could be because we all, including the teacher, are products of ‘one-size-fits-all’ system of mass education that safely caters to the middle-rung learners, mostly ignoring the ones at the top or bottom of the ladder.

Differentiation is much more than a few adjustments in the content and modifications in learning strategies. It is about how we perceive teaching & learning and the ‘value’ we attach to it. It is about bringing a change in the institutional mind-set that every child matters instead of a few super achievers. It is about our faith in every child’s ability to be able to learn no matter what level of readiness he/she is at. It is about a teacher’s willingness to walk the extra mile in every class, every day, year after year to ensure a joyful and enabling learning experience for the learners.

This CPD will therefore allow you to find out if it is possible to tailor curriculum to the diverse learning profiles of your learners and also simultaneously create a learning environment that motivates all of them to excel as per their own interests, abilities and pace.

Trainer: Pavla Gariboli

Online course, via Zoom.

Cost: AED 50 (inclusive of 5% VAT) 

*Dates and timings subject to change.

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    February 23, 2021

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