Interacting, Not Interrupting

Interactions with young children are profoundly important for supporting and extending their learning. They are so much a part of the daily experience of both practitioners and children that it is easy to assume they come about readily and naturally. However, research challenges this assumption. It would seem that something about the role of educator – as opposed to parent, carer or interested adult – puts pressure on practitioners to say things and say them in ways that are sometimes unnatural and often unhelpful.

Research into interactions between adults and young children in a variety of contexts suggests that by adopting the role of educator, adults sometimes force their own agenda onto children at an age when children are often highly motivated and driven by an agenda of their own and do not welcome the interference.

This CPD will explore discuss whether our interventions will help or hinder the learning taking place. We will consider the skills of the attentive and sensitive practitioner who asks themselves questions rather than bombarding children with them: ‘I wonder why they are pursuing this idea?’; ‘I wonder whether this play arose from the explorations yesterday afternoon?’; ‘I wonder whether they are getting frustrated with that?’

Trainer: Pavla Gariboli

Online course, via Zoom.

Cost: AED 50 (inclusive of 5% VAT) 

*Dates and timings subject to change.

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    Start Time

    4:00 pm

    March 23, 2021

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    6:00 pm

    March 23, 2021


    Online via Zoom

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