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Early Years Educational Services (EYES) was established in 2008, with it’s goal being to:

“Inspire educators to provide strong foundations for all children”

As a team we have worked with individuals including teachers, practitioners and settings including nurseries, schools, kindergartens and Early Learning Centres, and also governmental bodies, to raise the quality standards for those working in education in the United Arab Emirates, thus providing a benchmark for others.

We do this by helping people achieve UK and internationally accredited qualifications and CPD courses (Continuous Professional Development) through education and training. These allow individuals to qualify to work as an early years professional in a nursery, school, kindergarten or Early Learning Centre within the United Arab Emirates.

Our courses are accredited by well-known UK awarding organisations including CACHE, NCFE and Highfield.  We introduced the UK Awarding Organisation CACHE to the region and have been recognized for this when they certified us as the ‘First International CACHE Centre in the United Arab Emirates’. We are also proud to have been certified by Highfield as the ‘International Training Centre of Excellence’. Both awards are a credit to the high standards that we strive for as a Company.

In addition to the training that we provide, we have developed a range of additional services to support the education community. These include consultancy, ‘critical friend’ visits and in

Our Courses 

Accredited Training:

Accredited training is training which provides a person with a nationally/ internationally recognised qualification on completion.

Individual Training:

Individual training is training that an individual wishes to undertake of their own accord, as opposed to being sent by their organisation or setting. This could be accredited training or CPD.

Group Training:

Group training is training that an organisation or setting wish to undertake for their staff. This could be accredited training or CPD.

We think it is crucial that learners find a provider that will meet their needs. We have drawn up a list of Frequently Asked Questions, to support learners in finding the right learning experience for them. You can use these questions when researching training centres/ learning providers, to ensure that you get the right learning experience now, and outcome that supports your future plans. We have provided our response, for your reference:

How will I learn?

At Early Years Educational Services, we strongly believe in the importance of face to face learning. As such, we require learners to attend lessons (one three hour lesson, once per week) that are taught by our tutors. This means that our Level 2, Level 3 and Level 5 courses have approximately 35 taught sessions for learners to attend.  Learners are asked to select a weekly date and time when they start a course and they will also be assigned a tutor.

You will be provided with contact details for your tutor that you can use to get in touch with them, during office hours, as required.

In addition to this, you can attend the weekly learner clinic if you would like any additional support – or simply a quiet place to work!

How will my course be assessed?

Our courses are assessed through an ongoing portfolio of evidence – this means that there are no written exams! Your homework tasks will be set and submitted using our online platform ‘OneFile’. This ensures that your work is securely stored and can be accessed by you or your tutor at any time. Your tutor will assess your work and provide feedback to you through OneFile.

In addition to this, some courses also require a ‘skill’ assessment. For this, your tutor will agree a date and time each term (may be more regularly if required) for one of our tutor/assessors to come and observe you in practice. You will be provided with the opportunity to plan your observation, using the templates that we provide, to ensure that you are focused on the assessment criteria.

Professional discussions are another opportunity for you to demonstrate the knowledge that you have to your assessing tutor. You will be provided with the information that you need to plan this to the assessment criteria. You may be asked to provide evidence that supports what you are discussing, your tutor will provide you with an overview of what is expected.

As an established centre, celebrating a decade of operations in 2018, we have in place support materials that you will be directed to use by your tutor.

Where will the teaching take place?

We currently have two training centres – one in Barsha Heights, Dubai and one on Reem Island, Abu Dhabi. These centre’s have been fitted out with adult learners in mind, with facilities that will ensure they have the best learning experience. Our spacious classrooms are fitted with touch screen, interactive whiteboards. We have designated break rooms for our learners to enjoy the available refreshments and network with other learners. All learners have access to the internet when onsite. Why not visit us and have a tour of our facilities?

Must I be working or volunteering in a setting to complete the course?

Education is a sector which requires you to be both knowledgeable and a practically skilled professional. Many of the accredited courses that we offer are a combination of knowledge and skills based units. For us to assess your skills, you will need to be working or volunteering in a setting. For example, for the Level 2 and 3 courses, you will be observed by one of our tutors in your setting. For the Level 2, you will need to be supporting the class teacher but for the Level 3 course you will need to be leading the class.

How can I organize my placement?

At EYES, we pride ourselves in being an independent training provider. This means that we are not linked to any setting but enjoy relationships with over 750 nurseries and schools within the UAE. If you are already working in a setting, then you can be observed within that setting. If you are not currently working, your tutor will work with you to find a placement that is suitable.

The Level 3 has ‘mandatory placement hours’ – are these really mandatory?

As the Level 3 is a teacher training programme that aims to prepare an individual to work within the early years, it is essential that we can see competence at all age ranges. As such, to complete the Level 3 Early Years Educator, CACHE have stated that an individual should complete 350 hours of placement and demonstrate professional competence of working in an early years environment.

Who will my tutor be?

Our tutors are a group of highly qualified and experienced education professionals who enjoy sharing their knowledge to provide interactive and engaging learning experiences. Each tutor has their own areas of specialism in addition to having a good core knowledge of the Early Years in practice.

The tutors are supported by an admin team who work hard to ensure that our learners have the best possible experience.

What happens when I complete my course?

When you have submitted your final piece of work your tutor will assess it and ensure that all course criteria have been met. You will then be notified that you have fully completed your course. Behind the scenes, your final piece of work will go through our internal quality assurance process. On completion of this, your certificate will be applied for. Early Years Education Services are proud to have ‘Direct Claim Status’ with all of our awarding bodies – this means that we can request your certificate straight away, so the process is quicker than centres that do not have this.

At the end of your course you will be invited to attend a Graduation Dinner, this is an opportunity to celebrate your success with your classmates and our staff team. It is one of the highlights of our year!

Is there any other support provided?

In addition to your weekly taught classes, your tutor is available during office hours to answer queries and provide you with any support that you may require. Your tutor will provide you with the office contact numbers and their email address.

We have a weekly ‘Learner Clinic’ to ensure that learners have the opportunity to drop in and speak to an experienced tutor who will be able to answer any queries that they might have. This is open to all learners who are on accredited courses.

We also provide a free CPD to all learners the Level 2 and 3 courses entitled “The role of the Early Years Professional”. This certified course provides an excellent insight into the important role that Early Years professionals play.

We provide a wide range of short CPD courses that can support the learning that you receive on the accredited courses or can provide updates and new ideas for experienced practitioners and teachers. For our Nursery leaders, we offer the popular ‘Leadership Breakfasts’ which provide an excellent opportunity to network, whilst learning about a current topic of interest. Our ‘Practitioner Afternoon Teas’ provide an introductory look at a wide range of interesting topics whilst meeting and networking with other professionals – and enjoying Afternoon Tea!

Who we are

We are a team of highly skilled and qualified educational professionals with years of experience in the education sector, specializing in Early Years. Our team members have worked all over the globe including the UK, Singapore, Thailand, India as well as here in the UAE. Training with us ensures for knowledgeable, supportive and enjoyable learning.