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Promoting Positive Behaviour

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June 20, 2018

Promoting Positive Behaviour

03:00 pm - 06:00 pm @

The focus on this session will be to understand the way in which children learn and how they behave as a result of the actions of the adults around them and the expectations we have of them. Often we ask a child to behave in a way that doesn’t take into consideration their age and stage of development. The tutor will enable participants to reflect on how by using clear, appropriate and consistent expectations reinforced in a positive way we can encourage good appropriate behaviour for all children. She will then discuss early intervention and by using a range of scenarios and case studies, highlight the action we can take if we have concerns about a child’s behaviour to produce the desired outcomes.

Understanding that every child is unique and comes to us with different experiences helps us to understand why they are behaving as they are.

It is important to understand each child, to enable us to tailor our positive behaviour strategies to meet their needs.

This course reminds practitioners of the needs of each child and discusses a range of strategies that can be used to promote positive behaviour. Sharing these strategies with parents and colleagues will ensure a consistent approach.

Cost:  AED 100

*Dates and timings subject to change.


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