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Movement and Maths

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February 23rd

Movement and Maths

11:45 am - 01:45 pm @

Get up and get active with Maths!

We often associate maths with only numbers and find our parents saying “she knows her numbers”; this often means a child can recite numbers in ascending order rather than understanding what they actually are.

Adults need to be able to understand their role in supporting mathematical development and provide children with mathematical opportunities through play by getting active and providing experiences on a larger scale, both inside and outside. By doing this, children will foster mathematical concepts and develop positive attitudes to mathematics.

This CPD will help you understand your role in introducing numbers, shapes, space and measures as well as activities that you can use to develop children’s mathematical thinking and language on a daily basis.

Cost:               AED 85  (inclusive of 5% VAT)

Payment MUST be received by Tuesday 19th February 2019.



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