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Makaton Part 2

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October 28, 2018

Makaton Part 2

What is Makaton?

Makaton is a unique language programme which supports the learning of language and communication skills. It can be used to support the language development of all children and is particularly useful with babies, young children, second language learners and any child with specific communication needs.

This 12 hour course, over 3 days, follows on from the introductory course and will enable participants to learn a wide range of vocabulary that will be useful in their classroom. Participants will enjoy a practical introduction to alternative communication methods, including Makaton stages 1- 4, plus additional signs and some suggestions on how to use them in everyday situations. There will be opportunities to discuss ideas and how you can use them to develop/improve communication in your setting using speci c themes such as shops, animals, homes etc.

Cost:  AED 1,200 (including 5% VAT)

*Dates and timings subject to change.


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