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An Active Approach to Leadership

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February 23rd

An Active Approach to Leadership

09:00 am - 11:00 am @

Being an effective leader is not easy in ever changing contexts. We know that the people we work with bring their own values and beliefs to the workplace based on their diverse backgrounds, cultures and experiences. This session discusses how to take an active approach to your leadership by knowing and adjusting your leadership style to meet the needs of both yourself and the people you are leading in the contexts you find yourself in. We will discuss how to engage in courageous conversations in different situations in order to ensure effective leadership, while still being mindful of the messages that you are sending out and the need to stay aligned to your core values and beliefs.

“Leadership is about energizing people, making them enthusiastic to achieve their goals.”

Cost:               AED 85  (inclusive of 5% VAT)

Payment MUST be received by Tuesday 19th February 2019.



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