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October 5th

Writing Policies and Procedures

All Early Years settings should have policies and procedures in place as they endorse the well-being of families, children, staff and volunteers. When policies and procedures are well thought out, and most importantly implemented, they provide common understanding and agreement on how things should be done. This training will help…

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October 6th

Making the most of your Circle Time

Circle time provides many opportunities for children to develop their communication and language skills as well as their self-confidence and self-esteem, yet many practitioners and it difficult to keep children engaged during this time. This interactive session will provide you with a range of different age-appropriate ideas and activities, ensuring…

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October 9th

Enabling Environments

Children are greatly affected by their environment. This course examines how we set up our learning areas, what practical things we need to consider and what we need to provide for children, both indoors and outside, to make the best learning environment. Each participant can then plan their learning environment…

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November 3rd

Promoting Children’s Well-being

We all understand that the most important and valuable learning happens in the early years of life. The experiences that we have then shape our physical, mental and emotional well-being and how we think about ourselves and others. Healthy, happy and caring societies are built upon healthy, happy and connected…

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