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QuEST partners with Parent App

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Welcome back for a new academic year, I hope you have a successful and busy year.

We are pleased to announce that QuEST is partnering with Parent App, in our opinion the best international communication and nursery management app that will help you efficiently and effectively manage all aspects of the nursery, offering a very high quality and confidential way to manage your business.

After thoroughly testing Parent since December 2018, working closely with the Parent team, to adapt it closely to the needs of the UAE market, and seeing how effective and well received it has been here, I am unreserved in my opinion that this will be of a huge benefit to you and all your staff with the running  of the nursery, making managing your highly demanding job easier.


Find out what other nurseries are saying about this great App:






We are very excited that this App will make a huge difference to the quality of provision that you will be able to offer. When you use the Parent App it will make the running of the nursery smooth and efficient, allowing you to quickly track all aspects of your business and support your staff to deliver the best teaching and learning environment. It really is the best we have seen and we would love you to be part of this exciting development.

For a limited time, we are pleased that Parent are offering introductory rates to save you even more money and get your academic year off to the best start, for a no free obligation meeting and free demo please contact:

ashlee@parent.eu  or firas@parent.eu

I really think this is everything you need, so it would be great if you would like to look at all its newly added features.

We look forward to working with you again this year to support you and your team, and thank you for your continuing support of the EYES and QuEST team.

Kind regards