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15 Early years teachers needed to participate in research

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Sarah’s Doctorate – Volunteers needed.

As some of you may know, Sarah Rogers, the CEO of Quest, is currently studying for her Doctorate in Education, part time with the University of Reading in the UK.  In the autumn term here in Dubai, Sarah will be conducting interviews with early years teachers as part of her research.  Sarah is seeking 15 volunteers, who are delivering the EYFS within a CBS or Pakistani curriculum school, to take part in this confidential and anonymous study, which will involve talking to her one -to -one about their teaching experiences in their home country and the UAE.

Some details about the research.

Research title: Parallel lives; how expatriate early years teachers in Dubai reconstruct their professional identity in a contrasting cultural and pedagogical environment.

Research Aim: To understand the ways in which the cultural and pedagogical context of Dubai challenges expatriate teachers to think differently about their professional identity.

It is anticipated that the published findings will be useful for all stakeholders to understand the factors that impact a teacher’s professional identity and to help plan continuing professional development opportunities.

Participants will be asked to share their teaching experiences through two face to face interviews, one-on-one, which last for approximately 90 minutes each, based on the participant’s life histories.  These interviews will take place at a mutually convenient time and place.

 Participants will be early years Indian or Pakistani teachers who will have taught for a minimum of 5 years, teaching both in their home country and in Dubai. They will be currently teaching in Dubai delivering the EYFS, within a CBS or Pakistani curriculum primary school.  All participants will speak fluent English and be able to read and write fluently in English.

 Participants will be invited to an initial information meeting. Full information sheets will be issued as per the University’s requirements and signed consent forms will be obtained. All participants will be debriefed individually at the end of the study.

All participants will be anonymous, and the information will be used in a confidential manner in line with the University of Reading research protocol.

If you are interested in finding out more or volunteering, and fulfil the criteria, please email Sarah on sarah@eyes-me.com

Thank you.